Implementation of the COVID-19 (Real Time) Telegram Bot Channel in West Kalimantan by Utilizing API


  • Muhammad Ullil Fahri Akademi Manajemen Komputer dan Informatika (AMKI) Ketapang


COVID-19, API , Telegram Bot


This research aims to provide the public with statistical data information about COVID-19, especially West Kalimantan. Data is sent quickly using the Official API of the Indonesian Government. Every time there is a data update from the Government, the bot system will automatically retrieve the data and then send it to the telegram bot channel. System testing has been carried out, it can generate valid information automatically without the need for an admin role, where every time there is the latest updatefrom the government, then the channel bot automatically sends data on COVID-19 specifically for West Kalimantan.

 Keywords— COVID-19, API , Telegram Bot

Author Biography

Muhammad Ullil Fahri, Akademi Manajemen Komputer dan Informatika (AMKI) Ketapang

Program Studi Manajemen Informatika