Manufacturing Meja-Kursi Portabel untuk Mahasiswa Teknik Industri Universitas Kadiri


  • Afiff Pariyanto Universitas Kadiri
  • Lolyka Dewi Indrasari Universitas Kadiri
  • Ana Komari Universitas Kadiri



Manufacturing, Student, Portable, Welding, Engineering,


Tables and chairs are one of the most vital facilities in the world of education. Comfortable tables and chairs and being able to put several kinds of student stationery will stimulate the level of learning and doing the tasks given by the Lecturers. Manufacturing is one of the courses in the Industrial Engineering study program at Kadiri University which has a load of 2 credits. The purpose of this research was to design and to make a portable desk chair that can be used to do college assignments safely and comfortably. The method in making this portable desk chair was by looking at some of the existing references and with some input from students in order to get a portable desk chair that is in accordance with student expectations. With this method the concepts in designing and making will be fulfilled so that the error rate during the manufacturing process will be smaller and the results obtained can be maximized. The results of this study obtained a table size with a length of 2000 mm, a table width of 200 mm and a table chair height of 790 mm. From the dimensions of the table and chair, this table chair can be used by 3 students at the same time when doing assignments or doing activities related to learning on campus.


Author Biographies

Lolyka Dewi Indrasari, Universitas Kadiri

Teknik Industri

Ana Komari , Universitas Kadiri

Teknik Industri




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Pariyanto, A., Lolyka Dewi Indrasari, & Ana Komari. (2023). Manufacturing Meja-Kursi Portabel untuk Mahasiswa Teknik Industri Universitas Kadiri . Journal of Research and Technology, 8(2), 247–258.