Pelatihan Pengolahan Kerang menjadi Kuliner Khas Banjar Kemuning di Desa Banjar Kemuning Kecamatan Sedati Kabupaten Sidoarjo

Pelatihan Pengolahan Kerang menjadi Kuliner Khas Banjar Kemuning


  • Medya Ayunda Fitr
  • Rina Sri Wulandari
  • Zahrotul Azizah
  • Laily Noer Hamidah
  • Listin Fitrianah


Banjar Kemuning village, clams, typical food


Scallops are one of the marine products that are usually caught by fishermen.
Shellfish generally contain protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. This high
nutritional content makes shellfish processed into various types of food. Banjar Kemuning
Village is one of the areas where the people work as fishermen where shellfish are a
common catch. The catch is sold to middlemen or to the people of Banjar Kemuning
Village. In addition, the catch of shellfish is also managed to become a favorite culinary
form of shellfish satay by the community. Variations in the processing of shellfish are made
to add to the treasures of culinary diversity that is produced as a special food of Banjar
Kemuning Village. Scallops are used as additional ingredients for pentol and tempura to
add nutritional value and attractiveness. In addition, this food can add opportunities to
improve the community's economy.