Media Pembelajaran Seni Budaya Berbasis Flipping Book


  • Sonhaji Arif Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo


DKV, Media, Seni Budaya


The learning media should ideally be able to give readers the opportunity to build their own knowledge. Some research results show that (single media and multimedia) has contributed significantly. Special media in multimedia format has played an important role in the world of education. The use of multimedia that uses attractive visualization can help students understanding, as well as provide convenience in teaching and learning activities, which in turn can provide solutions to educational problems. The development model used is the 4D model (Thiagarajan et al, 1974). Media validation includes 2 media experts and 2 material experts. Product trials include individual trials, small groups. The result of media development of "Learning Media of Book-Based Cultural Art of Digital Flipping Book" as supporting media of art and culture study fulfill valid criteria with result of media expert test reach 83,5%, material expert 81%, small group 84,5%. The use of Flipping Book as a medium of learning can convey information better than conventional books. This is because the Flipping Book is a multimedia that can convey various kinds of information with various media such as video, animation, music.
Keywords: Multimedia, Flipping Book, Learning Media 

Author Biography

Sonhaji Arif, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Sidoarjo

Program Studi Desain Komunikasi Visual, Fakultas Ilmu Komputer