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Prasetyo) (Laily Noer Hamidah) Wed, 03 Aug 2022 08:01:28 +0700 OJS 60 Strategi Berkelanjutan dengan Pendekatan Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) Kondisi Pandemi Covid 19 pada UKM Furniture <p><em>D</em><em>uring the Covid-19 pandemic, furniture SMEs need to carry out a sustainable strategy analysis to maintain the continuity of SME activities. The limited sales made by furniture SMEs, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, hampered the sale of furniture products. Jombang furniture SMEs are business actors who process teak wood from forest products into furniture products that can provide added value. SME furniture is one of the leading products of Jombang district. Efforts to optimize the potential of existing resources, it is necessary to manage a sustainable supply chain strategy. Integrated strategic management in a sustainable manner based on economic, social and environmental aspects. The evaluation method used for the strategy formulation model is the Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM) approach which is influenced by internal and external factors. Based on the economic, social and environmental elements, an alternative decision is taken that can be used in carrying out the business of producing furniture from each element. Implementation of activities must refer to government programs in the context of preventing the Covid 19 virus by imposing restrictions on community activities by not collecting mass in a place that will facilitate the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Sales strategy during the Covid 19 virus pandemic conditions by selling online, in accordance with government guidelines</em><em>.</em></p> Jaka Purnama, Zainal Arief, Nur Rizka Athirah, Lingardi Wiratama Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Research and Technology Tue, 02 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Analisis Pengembangan Strategi Pemasaran Koperasi Karyawan (KopKar) Untag Surabaya <p><em>In the current era of increasingly rapid and tight </em><em>competition, every company or MSME business is required to innovate in all fields, one of which is marketing. The higher level of local and global business competition and the conditions of uncertainty force companies or financial institutions to be able to achieve their competitive advantage so that later they will be able to win the competition globally. This forces companies, SMEs or cooperatives, in this case the Surabaya Untag Employee Cooperative has to give more attention to their environment which can affect cooperatives. The formulation of the problems raised in this study are: 1. What are the factors that influence the development of KopKar Untag Surabaya's marketing strategy?,2. What/How is the right marketing strategy that can increase sales of KopKar Untag Surabaya?The research was conducted using a questionnaire to KopKar officials and experts. The research method uses: Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat (SWOT) and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). From the results of the study obtained several strategies that can be carried out by KopKar Untag Surabaya, namely: (1). Incessantly making breakthroughs in development by seeking and collaborating with outside parties who can quickly make KopKar progress, including with distributors of trendy and quality products, etc. (2). Easy access for the general public to the KopKar exchange. (3). Increase the variety of stock/store product variants. (4). Immediately use digital marketing. With these steps, the development of marketing development will be carried out effectively, efficiently and successfully</em><em>.</em></p> Ir.Mochammad Singgih.MM Anto, Joko Priyono Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Research and Technology Tue, 09 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Analisa Variabel Kunci Pengembangan Infrastrukur Pariwisata di Wilayah Utara Perbatasan Indonesia (Studi Kasus: Kabupaten Nunukan) <p><em>The province of North Kalimantan has a direct boundary with the eastern part of Malaysia, including the Nunukan Regency with the Sabah Region. Nunukan Regency has a number of attractive tourism places for tourists to visit, but they are still minimal in the availability of supporting infrastructure, so this research was conducted to obtain a model to support tourism infrastructure. The methodology used in this research is descriptive qualitative, by obtaining data from questionnaires and interviews with respondents from government agencies, travel business actors, to communities around tourist attractions. The object of this research is a tourist spot in Nunukan Regency, then an analysis is carried out using Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM). The result of this research is that a model is obtained that provides the key variables that place the variable in the top position in the model. The ISM model obtained places the availability of the types of facilities that have been provided for a place to stay for visitors. This is not without reason because from interviews it was found that tourists want a place to stay overnight to be able to enjoy the natural atmosphere with their family. From the research it was also found that infrastructure remains a priority in supporting tourism objects.</em></p> <p><em> </em></p> Eko Prihartanto, Efraim Bavo Priyana Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Research and Technology Tue, 09 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0700