Agus Qowiyuddin


Speaking skills are essential for career achievement, however absolutely not constrained to one's expert goals. Speaking skills can improve one's personal life and in this manner realize the balanced development that we should all look for. But it was different in Design, Communication and Visual (DKV) students of ITSNU Pasuruan.  The result of preliminary study-test showed that there were only 45% students (8 Students out of 18 students) got passed the standard minimum of achievement ≥75. So, the researcher planned to do the action research. He proposed to uses Video-blogging (Vlogging) to improve student’s speaking skill. The steps were planning, implementing, observation and reflection. There were two criteria of successful. The individual successful score of the test was if the students got ≥75 and the classical successful of the test was if the average scores of the students got ≥85%. After carrying out video-blogging (Vlogging) in cycle I the students motivated to speak up. 13 students or 73% could achieve criteria of success in cycle I. But the criteria of success were not fulfilled yet. So, it continued in cycle II with some revision. And at the end of cycle was evaluated. The result in test of cycle 2 was 85% (16 students) which they could achieve criteria of success. It showed that Video-blogging (vlogging) could improve significantly in speaking skill.

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