Fitria Sari Hasanusi


Teaching is a process of conveying something or helping others who cannot become able or from those who do not know to know. Whereas, Learning is a process to find out, from those who do not know to know, from those who cannot become able. students / students who learn independently have the freedom to learn without having to attend lessons given by the teacher / instructor in class. Good learning must be supported by the right method and in accordance with the needs of students. Teachers continue to strive to develop methods that are compatible with the resources around the school and the area where students live. is one of the human needs as well as the basis for the existence of a society that can determine the structure of a society in an environment. In current learning, there are still various problems that arise due to communication. In this case including teachers, students and principals Activities will be held from the beginning of January to March 2017. Researchers try to look at the problems that exist in senior high schools. The author sees that students tend to be less independent in doing school assignments. For that we need special formulas and methods that can improve student independence. One of them is the Cooperative learning method. This researcher uses quantitative research methods, with normality and homogeneity test and T test, processing using SPSS 21. The results of the study show that, There, are differences in the value of results, before the use of Cooperative learning methods, there is an increase in average usage Cooperative learning method and there is a significant effect of Cooperative learning methods on the learning independence of Alihsan High School students.

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