Adi Rusdi Widya, Ahmad Turmudi Zy, Hendra Arya Syaputra


The use of equipment for monitoring of a situation is needed to ensure the level of accuracy of data and the actual conditions, currently the use of information technology-based products and IoT equipment, makes it easy for designers and developer to create, design and develop a system application. The use of Raspberry, Arduino is one of the tools for developing and designing a machine condition monitoring system. Realtime information is currently needed to take quick and appropriate actions as needed in determining important and strategic decisions. Inaccurate information becomes an obstacle when dealing with problems that must be resolved requiring important and actual data. The development of raspberries and Arduino is used for monitoring system status of the engine (running/stop), Raspberry in Codesys functions as a PLC (master controller) and Arduino as a slave that is integrated directly with the engine. Communication between Codesys, raspberries, and Arduino uses wireless. The design of research using Raspberry-Pi, Arduino Wemos-D1 is one of the development tools and the design of machine monitoring condition (MMC) used for monitoring system status of the machine (running/stop). Human Machine Interface (HMI) for monitoring this system is web-based so it can be accessed through a browser. All devices (tablets/smartphones/notebooks) incorporated in one wireless network can access the machine system monitoring page.

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Anonim. Codesys Application Composer. Diakses dari, tanggal 21 Agustus 2019.

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